DC Handel Kft.

Tax number in Hungarian : 25308329213.

Address: Door 103, 1st floor, 30-34 Ernő street, Dictrict 9, Budapest City, Hungarian.

Phone number in Hungarian: +36 1 4184320 | +36 70 3856000 | +36 30 0726889 | +36 30 7434598 | +36 30 1352098

Phone number in Vietnam: +84 28 397 56383 + 84 902 792 262

Viber: + 84 902 792 262

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Becoming one of the leading companies in the field of job placement & manpower supply and labor care. Employment is not limited to Hungary and Europe, but will also expand to other markets in Asia andn the Amerias. Human resources are not only from Vietnam but will also expand more from Southeast Asia and Asia countries in general and Africa.


Bringing opportunities for Vietnamese and other Asia workers to live and work in Hungary & Europe. Being a reliable sustainable source of labor for Hungarian and European Employers. Being a solid legal support to take care of and protect the workers. Supporting the Goverment of the host country in creating jobs and reducing poverty. Contributing to solving the problem of labor shortage in Hungary and Europe. 


Creating absolute trust from partners and associates, that is: "Working with DC Handel, you will never lose. Cooperating with DC Handel, you will always get what you want."


DC Handel Kft is a Hungarian company operating in four areas: Job introduction in Hungary; Real estate management broker in Hungary, Labor Management & Care in Hungary; Investment consultancy in Hungary.

DC Handel Kft Company seeks and welcomes all partners who are willing to cooperate with us in the above 4 areas of activity.

In the field of employment introduction in Hungary DC Handel Kft Company only works with partners with official labor export service license issued by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

DC Handel Kft Company does not work directly with workers.

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DC Handel Kft Company